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“Dr Putman is a great doctor. He helped me with my hand after my accident. I miss him and Carolina Orthopaedics”.

– Dyan P.

“Carolina Orthopaedics is the best group of doctors in the Myrtle Beach area. They have a great surgeon, Dr. Michael Bohan, who is excellent at what he does, and he has a wonderful bedside manner!”

– Lorraine N.

“Dr. Bohan, Dr. Mikol, and ATI Physical Therapy worked as a team on the care of my total knee replacement. There was no running around going from doctor to doctor . . . it was phenomenal! The service is above and beyond when you have a facility that can take care of all your needs. I’m very pleased. Professionalism, teamwork, and promptness of care show me that patient care is number one. I love the physical therapy program, the group of doctors, and that the clinical assistants are never too busy to help. Their service is not something you find everywhere. They have earned my respect. Glad you’re here!”

– Sylvia R.

“I saw Dr. Parker today and absolutely loved him! He explained in detail what is going on with my neck and I feel very hopeful about the treatment we will be doing for it!”

– Julie G.

“Dr. Bohan has been my orthopedic doctor for years. I always know when I go for my semi- annual visit that he is going to make those knee aches and pains go away. Their new Murrells Inlet office is awesome!”

– Naomi A.

“If you need an orthopedic doctor, this is the place to go. Dr. Bohan and his staff are very nice and awesome!”

– Belinda M.

“Dr. Blair did an awesome job on the cast for my son! My son wanted to make sure Dr. Blair wasn’t confused . . . that this color blue would NOT be mistaken for Clemson purple! He is resting to get better and we will see you soon to take this cast off!”

– Gina W.

“Dr. Parker, I want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I am getting back to where I was before I got sick. I was in chronic pain and living on pain pills, which was not the answer; you have to go to the source of the problem. I just wanted to let you know I am doing well and that I have a life again. At times I have pain, but I am determined to make the stimulator implant work for me. I made up my mind I was going to do all I could to help myself. I am so grateful that I had these good doctors. I never thought I would get to where I am now in my life.”

– Sylvia E.

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Blair and the entire crew of Carolina Orthopaedics! After a knee injury that would have ended the career of most riders, my son is back on a bike and qualified to compete in the largest amateur race in the world. Without the help of Dr. Blair, his dreams would have ended. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done!

– Keri L.

“I’ve never had any problems since my surgeries. I had one total hip replacement done in June and the other hip done in August of the same year. Everything has been fine! It’s been two years since my surgeries, and I’m doing everything that I want to do. My recovery wasn’t difficult . . . I just did the exercises that I had to do. Dr. Bohan is my favorite hip doctor!”

– Sarah G.

“The best thing I have ever done! My hip hurt for two years and my doctor told me it was just arthritis. After changing doctors, my new doctor referred me to Carolina Orthopaedics. I had surgery on my right hip in 2014 and surgery on my left hip in 2015. It’s just been great . . . I have my life back! I can get out with my grandkids and ride the motorcycle with my husband. I couldn’t do this for the past two years. Dr. Michael Bohan and Dr. Mason Hicks are two very fine doctors, and everybody else in the office was great! I’ve never felt better in my life!”

– Sandra A.

“It is so reassuring to know there are places like Carolina Orthopaedics. I was treated with the utmost consideration for my knee pain, and I thank you. My knee feels wonderful. Also, thanks for faxing my report to my primary care doctor back home.”

– Jorge F.

“I want to thank you for your kindness and great care in being such an excellent caregiver. I am so appreciative. My husband and I are so amazed at the care we have received from you all at Carolina Orthopaedics. Please share our heartfelt thanks to everyone.”

– Betty D.

“I thank you for my office visit to assess my right hip condition. Your science and art dispelled my several weeks conjuring the need for a total hip replacement. You showed patience, forbearance, and expertise in your profession in convincing me that “no” total hip replacement is indicated. You have my sincere appreciation for the privilege of your highly esteemed doctoring.”

– Jim B.

“My January total hip replacement has been such a grand success. You mentioned it would change my life, and it surely has! I am grateful.”

– Florence B.

“Many thanks for including me in your platelet rich plasma (PRP) program. Your kindness and expertise are greatly appreciated. It has been about four weeks and I have definitely seen marked improvement. The pain relief has been much better. Thanks again for your help.”

– Jim M.

“Thank you for your caring and supportive professionalism in my total knee replacement . . . it was such a success. You are all such a supportive and caring staff.”

– Karen B.

“Thank you for being here for us. We are lucky to have such great doctors and we are lucky to be greeted by a great (and always smiling) staff every time we walk into your office. We are blessed.”

– Chris H. & Ron C.